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Jai Prakash University (JPU), Chapra

Jai Prakash University (JPU), Chapra (Saran)


Jai Prakash University (JPU) is one of the premier universities in the state in Chapra, Bihar, India. 11 affiliated colleges and 10 vocational colleges. In the proposed colleges, it is providing courses. Most of the subjects at Jai Prakash University is taught at the undergraduate level and postgraduate level.

Jai Prakash University was established by the Bihar government in response to the needs of the people of Saran Commissioner ate. The aim was that all students and students should get a good education and everyone should get a chance to make their mark. Jai Prakash University was named in memory of freedom fighter folk hero Jai Prakash Narayan.
Jai Prakash University is recognized by the UGC as a state university consisting of three districts of Saran (Chhapra), Siwan and Gopalganj and is a member of the Association of Indian Universities having jurisdiction over Saran University.
Jai Prakash University campus is about two km from the main city. Jai Prakash Vishwadiwala was established on 22.11.1990.
The regional area of ​​Jai Prakash University is spread over three districts of Saran district, Chhapra, Siwan and Gopalganj. Jai Prakash University has a total of 21 constituent colleges, 11 affiliated colleges, including 2 grant colleges (a minority college is Z A Islamia PG College, which also includes Siwan).

If you want to take admission in Jai Prakash University (JPU) Chapra, then after intermediate you can take admission in all these colleges in Chhapra, Siwan and Gopalganj in one college and students for admission in Jai Prakash University (JPU) Chapra. It is necessary to pass 12th, because for Jai Prakash University admission, student and student must pass 12th, only then they will be admitted.
Jai Prakash University is a university in 3 districts, which has 1. Chapra 2. Siwan 3. Gopalganj. The headquarters of Jai Prakash University is in Chapra, which is a little different from the city of Chapra. Before entering the Main Office of Jai Prakash University, keep these things in mind, before going to the JPU Office, you need to bring one of your identity cards, only then you go inside the headquarters. Here, you will be given all kinds of help and redressal of all the problems which are your difficulties.
  The main office of Jai Prakash University has been made a separate depot for every subject, from which every student and student is given relief or assistance for their difficulty.

Colleges Under Jai Prakash University

Jai Prakash University (JPU) Constituent Colleges List Chapra (Saran), Bihar

There are many colleges in Jai Prakash University, in which you enroll thousands of students every year. In order to enroll in Jai Prakash University, the student and student should have passed 12th class from work to work, only then they can or can get you enrolled.

If you want to enroll in the college of Chhapra, then you can enroll in one of all these colleges.
In Jai Prakash University, a lot of saris are done free of cost through the government, so that every student and student is taken into consideration for the convenience of the students, they are admitted for work fees, so that the student studying in Jai Prakash University can easily read. it occurs. Every year thousands of different courses are admitted to Jai Prakash University. In which, students and students, you are enrolled in the college of your choice and do your further studies and the future is formed. Along with studies in Jai Prakash University, many other facilities are provided, in which facilities like sports, sports etc. have been provided along with studies.
Constitution College at Chapra of Jai Prakash University. 
Jpu Collage, Chapra
  • Rajendra College, Chapra
  • Jagadam College
  • Jai Prakash Women’s College
  • Ram Jaipal College
  • Ganga Singh College
  • Prithvi Chand Science College
  • HR College, Amanour
  • Jaglal Chaudhary College
  • Yadunandan College, Dighwara
  • Nand Lal Singh College
  • Prabhunath College, Parsa
Constitution College at Siwan of Jai Prakash University 
Jpu Collage, Siwan
  • DAV Post Graduate College Siwan
  • Vidya Bhavan Women’s College
  • Raja Singh College, Siwan
  • Ram Vilas Ganga Ram College
  • Narayan College, Goreyakothi
  • Hariram College, Marwa
Constitution College at Gopalganj of Jai Prakash University

Jpu Collage, Gopalganj

  • Kamla Rai College
  • Mahendra Women’s College
  • Gopeshwar College, Hathua
  • Bhola Prasad Singh College

Affiliated College of Jai Prakash University

Jai Prakash University has 11 affiliated colleges under its affiliated college.
  • P. R. College, Sonpur, Saran (Deficit Grant)
  • Z.A. Islamia College, Siwan (Deficit Grant and Minority College)
  • Dr. PN Singh Degree College, Chapra
  • B.D.S.M. Women’s College, Salempur, Chapra
  • Public College, Hafizpur Baniyapur (Saran)
  • Deoraha Baba Sridhar Das Degree College, Kadak Ghar (Saran)
  • Daroga PD.Rai Degree College, Siwan.
  • Mazharul Haque Degree College, Tarawara (Siwan)
  • Desh Ratan Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Jiradai (Siwan)
  • Shri Mahendra Das Degree College, Mathia Nechua, Jalalpur (Gopalganj)
  • Mata Rajni Devi Chhathu Ram Degree College, Mairwa (Siwan)

Jai Prakash University (JPU) Chapra Professional and Vocational Courses offered by the University.

  • Biotechnology
  • Industrial Microbiology
  • Industrial Fish and Fisheries
  • Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Mass Communication
  • Communicative English
  • Bachelor in Business Administration
  • B.A.(Hons.) B. Ed., 4-year Integrated Course
  • Functional English
  • advertising Sales Promotion and ‘Sales Management
  • Functional Hindi
  • Tourism and Travel Management
  • BCA
  • Design and Fashion Technology
  • Watershed Management
  • Aquaculture
  • Journalism
  • Agricultural Waste Management
  • Soil Analysis
  • Cattle Farming
  • Rural Women Empowerment.
  • Sugar Technology
  • Sugarcane Technology
  • Pollution Management
  • Electrical and Electronic Goods Management
  • Computer Application/Technology (Data Care Management)
  • Horticulture
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Cultivation of Medicinal Domestic Plant ETC.

Jai Prakash University (JPU) Chapra has planned to offer the following courses from the next academic session as per University Grants Commission (UGC) guidelines which are all these subjects: 

1. B.B.A.

2. M.B.A.

3. B.Lib. Sc.

4. P.G. D.C.A.

Jai Prakash University Syllabus

Jai Prakash University syllabus is in two ways.

  1. Students can easily get the syllabus from the book store
  2. You can download the syllabus from Jai Prakash University website.

Syllabus of Jai Prakash University starts with BA which we can easily get from book store or go to Jai Prakash University website and we can download it.

Jai Prakash University Reform Date

Jai Prakash University Reform Date This is the university committee that decides when to take the exam and when to fix the date for improvement. In this, there is a period of improvement, which every student has to follow because it does not last long.

Jai Prakash University Examination Time

The examination time of Jai Prakash University is decided by the examination department of the university, which is done keeping in mind everything, for this purpose, the following points are noted.

Jai Prakash University (JPU) Special Examination

Jai Prakash University (JPU) students are subjected to a special test which is done on Jai Prakash Universityrules and dates, it is done in the nearest college, which is also given to you to see the result. Jpu You have to go to the website and you can see the results from there. Students and students of Jai Prakash University or the candidates.

Jai Prakash University Official Website